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2024 French Quarter Festival Poster

$ 50

For the official 2024 French Quarter Festival poster, local artist Monica Rose Kelly created an original watercolor painting with ornate hand-lettering that is influenced by the decorative styles found throughout the French Quarter. She chose to honor women musicians, specifically the musical mothers of New Orleans, who not only work tirelessly to raise the children of our city but moonlight as culture-bearers. Women have not been often represented in New Orleans festival posters or murals, which is why she has chosen to depict them in many of her recent works. In addition to renderings of the ironwork found throughout the Quarter’s many balconies, Monica incorporated a design from the top spire of the St. Louis Cathedral’s steeple in the background. This alternative representation of the beloved landmark is a nod to the African blacksmiths that designed many of the architectural details in the French Quarter. The tropical botanicals found in the Quarter’s hidden courtyards are painted behind the ironwork as well. The bottom of the composition shows a map of the French Quarter adorned with sprawling jasmine vines that blossom in the exact location of each FQF stage.

The artwork is available in two limited editions. Please note the color variation between editions. Both editions are 18in wide x 24in high.


  • Numbered lithograph prints, $50 (unsigned - edition #1 - 750 total)
  • Artist-signed & numbered handmade silkscreen prints on archival FSC-certified recycled paper, $149 (edition #2 - 200 total)

We have now begun fulfilling orders for 2024 numbered lithograph prints. 

We hope to begin filling orders for the signed & numbered screenprint edition by Feb. 29th. Thank you in advance for your patience! 

About the Artist: Monica Rose Kelly is a local artist who has been serving the New Orleans music community for 13 years. Her practice intersects the fields of public art, illustration, performance and design. Monica’s work is vibrant in nature and communicates the energy of the soul, which is evident in her musical portraits. She is proud to represent women and non-binary musicians on this year’s FQF poster, the style of which is influenced by Art Nouveau. You can see her latest mural project on Elysian Fields & St. Claude, a large-scale collaboration between women and youth artists via the collective she founded, People for Public Art.

This beautiful original artwork is also available as a t-shirt!

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